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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's been warm this week (pic heavy)

It's been a sunny week here in my little corner of the UK, at the beginning of the week not a single blossom was awake on the plum tree, but look at it now! We've had several days of over 20deg C, and it's been great to get out in the garden a bit early and get a head start on some chores.

MrNoo has been busy making stuff:

A sweet pea trough for the side of my shed (shame he didn't forewarn me so I could repaint it first, but never mind, no one will know when it's covered in sweet peas!)

A three tiered strawberry planter.

A top for an old table that was ruined.

Various raised veg beds ......

and planters......


and trellis of all shapes and sizes

And he's terribly excited because with one more tiny little stretch of their arms......

   The peas will reach their support fence.

Meanwhile, the chooks have just looked on in amazement at the activity:

Excuse the fuzzy mesh in that last one but i wasn't going in with him and a camera, you don't enter the run of this man without paying full attention to him otherwise you're likely to end up in hospital! LOL)

Of course there has been knitting, crocheting and machine knitting, but I'll save that for another day!