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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick Getaway - West bay, Bridport

The wonderful MrNoo took me away for a few days last week to celebrate my birthday (or to run away from it depending on your outlook!)  We spent 2 nights at West Bay, Bridport in Dorset.

We drove down on Tuesday leaving home at 8:30 to make the most of the day, and ambled through the New Forest and then along the coast.  We stopped in Weymouth for breakfast and then poodled along the coast road from there, looking out over the deep blue sea, and checking out the infamous Chesil beach from the vantage points along the road.  We stopped not long before our destination when we saw a little car park with a walk leading down to the beach, and lots of dogs about, so decided to walk Spot as she'd spent a few hours in the back of the car by then.  We walked down, played on the shingle, and then decided to walk westward for a while, along the coast path, just to get the lay of the land. - After about half an hour, we came across this:
A little oasis!!!  Luckily MrNoo had a few quid in his pocket so we popped in for tea!  It was well set out, with plenty of dog bowls outside with water which was great - although the sky is blue, it was pretty chilly so really it was only dog walkers who were there!

Anyway form there we drove on to the hotel and checked in, walked along the pier/harbour wall, (it was windy - but I still got a sun-burnt nose!)

looked at the view, and then decided to drive out further westwards for the evening.  We checked out Lyme Regis, Seaton, and Sidmouth, and ended up having a very respectable curry in Sidmouth.

My birthday was on Wednesday, so we firstly headed to Bridport for the market, didn't buy anything, but it was OhSoNice to walk around shops and stalls that weren't all clothes and cosmetics (I'm not much into either!)  We meandered around the vintage stalls, and admired the bakeries, and oohed and ahed at a Butcher's window (there aren't many butchers round here- we lost them all to Sainburys years ago,  a particular bug bear of mine)  It's the simple things isn't it?!

After that we headed to Portland to look out across the view

 and after a quick cup of tea we headed back as I had decided I'd like to go back to the beach restaurant for lunch as I'd noticed they had an amazing fish menu, so back we trundled - dog in tow.  .  I had the most incredible crab salad, (I have a bit of an issue with shell fish that it doesn't always like me, but decided it was worth the risk, and i was soooooo right!)

As we were eating the weather turned cold, so for the afternoon we drove to Exeter to placate MrNoo by visiting  a shop he had wanted to go to.......... I'm nothing if not accommodating! ;)

The rest of the day and evening were spent moseying along the coast, taking photos, pulling in to layby's to watch Buzzards hunting, and watching all manner of wildlife through some rather awesome binoculars.  I saw my first ever yellowhammer!  As the evening drew on the wildlife got better and better - foxes, a hare, rabbits, we sat for ages watching all sorts!

The last day rained :(   So we drove home the scenic route - along the coast past Weymouth to Swanage, Poole, Bournemouth Christchurch and then up through the New Forest to home.

We had banned mobile phones and internet access between us as we both have a tendency to get side tracked (OK more me than he!), and it was a really good call. The 3 days felt like longer, and we both had a really restful and peaceful time.

Now I'm back with loads of knitting to do, and ready to start work on the Crafters'Barn website again, as the last web developer disappeared on me (that might be a post for another time!)