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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joint Care+, Challenge 1, By Spot

Good morning everyone, Spot here.  Mum has asked me to write this cos she's really busy with work, so here I am.

Mum got invited to put me on a 6 week Joint care+ trial. I think she got invited cos I'm beautiful and the people at pedigree wanted to see more photos of me?  Although to be honest I'm a bit fed up of having my picture taken.  "stand up, sit down, lay down, look pretty, Spot look this way"  - she's having a laugh isn't she? - This is the best I did for her - I think it confirms my slightly aloof attitude to the photo taking, whilst still admitting that I'm chuffed to be given chews every day?

Anyway, this first week I have to tell you about me, and about how my joints are before the trial.  Lots of you know me cos I have written before, and Mum mentions me quite a bit, but for new readers I have to introduce myself a bit.

So, my name is Tawnyhill Spot and i'm a working English Springer Spaniel. I will be 10 years old on October 20th this year.  Mum got me when I was 18 months old:

Cute wasn't I? (and gosh didn't I have a nice waistline and good muscle definition then!)  I had been kept as a working gundog up until that point but frankly I wasn't very good at it. - well that's the impression I gave my previous owner. Actually I am extremely good at it, but you know, living in a kennel with all those other noisy dogs around, coming out  once in a while and fetching a dummy, which, wouldntyouknow, as soon as I brought back they threw away again, I mean really!! So I stopped fetching it. If there's one thing I'm not, it's stupid. So Mum got me and she didn't throw things for ages we just went for wonderful walks at a place I now know is Newlands Corner...... I love it there.

So over the years mum has learnt that I have only 2 speeds.... asleep or missile, nothing in between. I'm a really peaceful girl and very happy at home in my bed, snoring gently. I like calm and quiet, the occasional cuddle and being brushed.  And once a day we get to go for a walk. Then i change.... my ears move forward, my eyes brighten and look bigger (it's a flirting thing dontyaknow) and my tail dances a dance that only springers would understand.  In the winter we have a walk across a few acres of bracken. I hunt and chase and fetch that dummy for mum (yeah I know, but heck she does look after me and life is pretty cushy round here in my heated home..... don't want to get thrown out of this one!) I see deer, and always stop dead in my tracks like Mum taught me so she can stand and watch them, and I bound over the dead bracken like a deer myself:
 In the summer we walk through woods in the shade so I don't get too hot, I chase squirrels (who always outsmart me by running up trees), follow scents and generally have a good time. We don't play fetch in summer cos I get too hot but we have the best time just meandering along looking at the views.

I really do love where we live and where we walk.

So, as I approach my 10th birthday I have to admit I am beginning to feel my years a little.  All those days of jumping out the car and setting off through the bracken, leaping over the mounds and making my Mum laugh, have taken their toll on my joints.  These days it takes me a little longer to get up out of my bed, and a little longer to jump in the car (although I do still do it myself, no ramps needed yet!) and i don't run off quite as fast as I used to. I can still bound across that bracken when the mood suits, but sometimes I suffer the day after and have to have a days rest.  I'm not old, but i'm getting older  and now and again I notice it, like all species I expect.   Having said that I wait all day to hear Mum say "shall we go for a walk then?" and my ears lift and my tail wags and I jump round and round in circles...... you know just to make it clear that it's a good idea!

So that's a little bit about me and how i am at the moment. Mum says there's a chance these chews (which are very nice by the way) might make me feel a little less stiff, it'd be nice if they do, but if they don't, it's kinda nice trying them!

There's a challenge every week for this trial. This was my first - did I pass?  I don't know if the others involve me writing or me doing stuff, but I expect Mum will keep you all informed of how I'm doing.

Lots of Love, from Spot.