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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My nearly ready new craft room

Want to see what we've been up to chez noo lately?

We've been starting to create a craft/work room for me.  I generally work in the conservatory, and i love it there because I can watch the garden, the chickens, Spot can roam in and out, and it's a very peaceful place to create and work. But there are times when I need more space, and there are times (a lot of times this year) when it's raining, when it's just too darn noisy in there. So, after much deliberation i decided to move my spare bedroom into the little box room, and use the bigger room as a crafting room.  So as you can see i have a lovely big table, which I already had.  It's currently covered in one of my as yet unused window quilts, to protect from the heat of the laptop and other scratchy or hot things. - If i ever get round to putting the quilt up where it should be, then there are plenty of other things I can use for table coverings (shock, no???!!!)

We bought a few billy bookcases from Ikea, which are perfect for housing all manner of crafting crap equipment and stash. Believe it or not half my yarn stash is in that wicker basket on the shelf. - I know, it's not much is it?!) However I haven't got the fabric stash out yet and that's going to take some space up.

I also have good room for the knitting machine to stay assembled now. Which is great. I can pop up here and swatch/play/make a mess on it whenever I have a few minutes.

On the big table at the moment is a cardigan I'm sewing together for me. I have a feeling that the sleeves are going to be ludicrously long though.... only time will tell.

The second photo is the view from where I sit at the table. The window is to my left and gives me lots of afternoon light, and in front of me I aim to make a swatch board to fill that gaping space on the wall. After all plain wall is just begging to be filled I think? There is also another big wall to my right which could be used if I don't need to put more shelving up...... but there's still a lot of "stuff" to find homes for so I think more storage will be needed there.

So, where do you work?