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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recycling at it's best

MrNoo has been at it again, the remains of the old small shed have become:

a hen house and run:
and a potting bench:

So, my pair that hatched in (errr June some time?) are in the new one, the 5 silkies that hatched last month are where the juniors were and 3 new silkie chicks (yep, I know it wasn't supposed to happen!) are in the hutch. Everyone else is status quo. The chickens are generally suffering from the persistent rain. I had hoped after such a wet summer that we might be in for a dry autumn, but so far that has proven an incorrect hypothesis!  The run where the big girls and boy are is dreadful. I dig it over every couple of days to move the water through as it sits on top in big puddles where they compact the earth so quickly by pacing up and down. Then they drink out the puddles (eeww) which can't be good, and to be honest the smell isn't great with so much wet mud. I'm just about keeping a handle on it with the digging, but if it carries on i'm not sure what we'll do - swap to ducks maybe?

I finally finished my first ever machine knit for me:
The pattern is slanted rib and there are options for a hand-knit or a machine knit version.  My tension ended up way out on the ribbing (lessons learnt and all that!) so it's a bit gathered where the rib had to be attached to the body, and the rib is longer than it should be, and all in all the cardi would fit an 8 ft tall woman who was a size 10/12 with really really long arms. But you know what, I love it, it's warm and snug and I don't care how it looks. :D

That's kind of been it for this week, we've welcomed our first "Aromatherapy and Apopthecary" products into the Crafters' Barn (go take a squizz, they're wonderful and have such inventive names) and we've finally sorted out the image scroller so that it looks pretty on all devices (really, you have no idea how hard that became, every time it looked good on a laptop it looked bad on a phone or tablet and so on and son on!)   Now I think we need to offer better category alternatives..... in the same way that you love a yarn shop that categorises by brand, thickness, fibre or colour. So i think we need to offer similar choices to our Barn browsers? (well not those choices obviously cos that'd be daft, but choices nonetheless)

Right, I have alpaca to knit. Happy Sunday all

T'il soon x ♥