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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Mummy 1942 - 2016

There are no words that I can say
To make our sadness go away
But memories do ebb and flow
To remind us that our love still grows

You taught us how to see the sun,
The colours, the smells, the rivers run
You stopped us often and said “just look”
And mental images we stood and took

We had fairy paths, and frosty walks
We had golden sunsets, and nonsense talks
We sang along to favourite songs
And if we felt it, we danced along

We had our times of heat and stress
But quick to blow and soon to rest
You taught us strength and independence of mind
How to be generous, and fair, and kind.

We got off light around the home
But somehow, still know, how things should be done.
We’re both good cooks, it’s fair to say.
(But I think my dusting skills went astray)

Our holidays were filled with (I want to say food)
Lifelong memories of times that were good
France and Spain in the long summer months
Bacardi & Coke and a sleep in the sun

In winter time, we skied in the snow
You weren’t so good, if you needed to slow!!
Chair lifts and strudels and big furry hats
Pastas, hot chocolates (with a brandy in that!)

Oz, New Orleans, Mauritius and more
Every continent you stepped on, the things that you saw.
There wasn’t a place where you didn’t make friends
Your smile, your charm, your joie de vivre knows no ends.

We watched you and Dad dance nights away
A Jive, a smooch, eye to eye did you play.
The music was always the beats of your hearts
The love that you danced with, set you apart.

 I cannot fail to mention these last four years
Your strength, your grace, and a few tears.
You taught me more about myself than I could ever know
That I was stronger and braver too, (and I even learnt to sew!)

 Although this is farewell for now, I will see you every day
When I look into a mirror, you’ll look back at me some way
When I see my sister smile at me, your smile I will see too
And my nephew’s laughter will echo, with the things we used to do.

Joyce Margaret Young (née Lowman) 1945 - 2016

Joyce Margaret Young 16.4.1945 - 14.11.2016


  1. What lovely words, from the heart ! Thank you Claire,so much for sharing...
    My lovely Cousin Joyce who showed me a few dance moves. Will miss you
    so ! Rest in Peace ....Brian. X

  2. I am so sorry to read about your loss. BIG HUGS xx


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