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Monday, August 22, 2016

Garden's looking up ;)

A fortnight ago, on a bright Sunday morning, we went to Columbia Road Flower Market.

I have been many times with Mum and Dad..... in what feels like a previous life now if I'm honest. But my garden was shell-shocked from 3 years of non-attendance, and it needed a good injection of fast colour to spur me on to take it under control.
Now, call me old fashioned..... or don't..... but I love nothing more than a good London Market, with shouting and banter and crowds.

And to go on a Sunday, makes me feel... well cheerful! :D
Many people were taking photos of the stalls, an abundance of colour and a riot of scent. But that seemed a little rude to me.
So instead, i bought what I liked and felt that i would enjoy at home.
Now this last photo has a story to it:
This is an Inca Lily or Astromeria.  During the time when Mum was in hospital in Chichester... I had a birthday (given that she was there six months i guess it was a 50/50 chance )  My Grandma (mum's mum) bought me for my birthday 2 tubs of astromeria, a pink and a dark pink/almost red.  She gave them to my uncle who didn't get them to me very quickly (not his fault at all) and then mum came home, and I neglected them.  It was the last gift she ever bought and it broke my heart when i realised that they were in a bad way...... I have a few plants that Mama bought me over the years, she knew i loved my garden, but this was the last one, and I knew she had worked hard to find them for me, having decided this was what she wanted to get. I managed to salvage the paler pink ones, and although they are not healthy i have coaxed them in to a little flowering and hopefully with some love and tender they will continue to improve. But i lost the darker one and was pretty devastated.  At Columbia Road, the first time I have ever seen them since, there was a stall full of them, all colours and only £5 a tub.  So I think someone was smiling on me and maybe letting me know that it was ok to have been too busy looking after Mum.........
It's a thing I've had to learn about that time...... that it's ok that I didn't manage All.The.Things! Still learning, still forgiving myself.......... and grateful for fate or karma or whatever, to help get the message through!

T'il Soon ❤️