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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chair update! & a new way with horseshoes.

So, just a few photos to update you on how the chair is going.  I've piped the front scrolls and covered the bottom. I'm making the cushion just now but that may take a while!!

In other "making" type news. Himself has been playing with his new welder.  We are playing with old horseshoes and things to put cookware on fires on. Pot stands and griddle stands: (We got the idea on our cooking on fire weekend last year - do you remember that?)

We had a lot of fun playing with patterns (to say nothing of the welder - who knew that was such fun?) And you know - I do love a bit of fire, and i love cooking outside whenever I can.  Not much of one for standard BBQ's these are ideal.

Finally: There has been a little sewing - it's not perfect, but i'm still very much a beginner. Top is Myla, and trousers are Simplicity 1663

Beachwear!!! I'll tell you about that next time ;)

Sorry it's more pictures than words today but i'm short on time.  I may edit and describe the upholstery a bit better at a later date (if i can remember what i did!) for my own information, but don't bank on it! 

T'il soon. ❤️


  1. Loving the trousers and top, I really must get back to sewing clothes again. Your upholstery looks fabby, clever you. As for the welding................ I want a go!!!!

    1. Oh you should try the welding - it's wicked! The idea of sticking metal together opens up so many new ideas!

  2. Wow! You have been nice and busy! I absolutely love the horseshoe stands - such an innovative idea! And your top and trousers are gorgeous, they really suit you. Nice phone cover too *big grin*


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