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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Next on the agenda

(DROPS pattern 78-22)

I've chosen my next project - a nice spring top. It's a free pattern from a scandinavian site, that has some amazing designs - wish I could knit faster! It's to be done in a sage green linen/cotton mix that I bought off eBay last year for the princely sum of £1 a ball!. . . . . well that's the plan anyway!

I also have two full sheeps fleeces to dye and spin.....hmmmm need to get a move on with those! I have bought the dyes - all natural, and the mordants are on their way. Need another long weekend!

The decorating hasn't really progressed any. . . . . oh well there's no rush!!!! Life's too short to be worrying about such things, it'll get done when it next rains!!!

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