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Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. . . . . . .

The sun was shining, the day was warm (by UK standards), and I had some time!! I am only an hour from Hayling Island, and there's a lovely spot to walk errrr Spot (sorry!) if the tide is out.

Spot loves the water as long as her feet touch the bottom (She's such a baby!), but she had great fun fetching the stones I threw in - funny girl, she'll stick her whole head under water to get a sunken stone, but won't swim!!!!.

View across from south-west of the island (I think - geography was never my strong point!)

Tide out and plenty of shallow pools for the dog!!!!!

(I am just going to interrupt this broadcast to say that a kestrel has just landed in my garden!! - Didn't stay around long, might have seen a mouse underneath the bird feeder and come down for a look, it was truly beautiful, and i'm all a quiver!!!)

So now, with roses in my cheeks, and yawning due to the fresh air, I'm off to make some dinner!

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