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Friday, January 12, 2007


Well here we are at my first “blogalong” post. The blogalong, is an idea pioneered by members of the bloggers' paradise forum. The idea being that once a month we all blog with a pre-determined title. The title can obviously be interpreted in any way to suit the blogger. January’s title is Treasure (as suggested by Knitbert!)

Well now, as it happens I have a real live treasure chest in my spare room. . . . . see. . . .

The chest itself is quite a treasure. I “inherited” it from a Great Auntie. It was in a dreadful state, and I spent weeks cleaning the years of grime off it, sanding it down, and polishing it to within an inch of its life!! It still smells of mothballs (about 10 years later!) and I don’t think I will ever change that, but I have grown to like the smell now!

Inside my treasure chest are all my treasures!!!!! It is a memory box, and within it’s mothbally interior are all manner of things that I have collected that represent stages in my life – or indeed the life of others. . . . . .

For example, this, is the most amazing treasure, and was instrumental in the existence of my own memory box. This is a photocopy of a notebook which was written by my great-great grandfather on a Voyage to India on board the Golden Fleece, in 1865 where he served with the 16th Queen’s Lancers. There had been an onboard publication, but it seems not enough paper was supplied and so he diligently copied each issue into his notebook. I am slowly trying to transcribe the notebook into a computer friendly document for other members of the family, and in order that in years to come when paper is no longer an available medium, it is still available to future generations. Not an easy task as the handwriting is old-fashioned, in ink and the pages were somewhat faded after all these years – and it’s a photocopy. (I should add that my dear Dad has the original, which is a brown paper wrapped notebook)

A couple of final little treasures . . . . . . both by my Dear Uncle Jon, who passed away in 1996. The book was written for my cousins in Australia, but all of us nieces and nephews were given a copy when it was found in his “special box” after he died. It’s really special! The rattle was also made by Uncle Jon when I was born, and I have kept it ever since!!! There are loads of other little bits and pieces that are in my chest and each and every one of them is a treasure. There was one little one that I wanted to photograph but can’t find – I’m sure it’s in there somewhere, but it was a birthday card made by another Uncle, who lives in Australia. It had a self-drawn cartoon on the front of a man juggling a number 9, but has dropped it and caught it on his foot through the hoop of the 9. Inside is a poem, and to this day I can remember it:-

One is the beginning,
Two to show the way
Three the do’s and don’ts of life
Four a summer’s day
Five you play at learning
Six you learn our sums
Seven is skating on the ice
And Eight a new school comes

And Now you’ve reached the age of 9
And many more will rise
So don’t change the way you are
Nor the sparkle in your eyes

What more treasure can there be in life????


  1. Wow! Those are wonderful. I got shivers looking at the pic of the notebook from the sea voyage. What an amazing thing to be able to hold it in your hands. And what a treasure your transcription will be.

  2. What wonderful treasures; they are priceless; treasures that could never be replaced. What faboulous items to have been passed down through the ages. Good luck with your transcript; maybe one day you will be able to put it into print so the world too can "treasure" this important treasure. A piece of history that can never be repeated.
    p.s. love the actual chest itself too!

  3. Oh my, what wonderful things to have to keep your family memories alive.

    Good luck with the transcription! I am sure more than just your family would be interested in reading it - it is a real piece of history.

  4. knittingladybird8:50 pm

    That's my idea of treasure....something to 'tresure'. How fabulous!

    linz xx

  5. Thats lovely that you keep the chest as a memory box Noo, and what a beautiful birthday poem too:-)

  6. This is a beautiful post - how wonderful to have all these family treasures.

  7. Everything in your treasure chest must hold so many memories for you. I think the idea of writing to a fixed title is fab and has enabled you to rekindle memories from long ago and share them with us. A wonderful post!

  8. that is indeed an excellent treasure box :)

  9. What a fascinating post Noo, and lovely to see some photos from your own, real treasure chest (very impressive by the way!)

  10. Now that has brought an 'older' uncle to tears...
    A flood of memories
    Of joy and sadness
    That touched me when they happened that touch me everytime those memories return...
    That will continue through the years to touch all those who hold them in their hands...
    Thank you lovely for being you...

  11. What amazing things in your tresure chest, which looks like a treasure in itself to me! The notebook is a work of art :)

  12. Noo what wonderful treasure you have! I adore old documents, and love your great-great grandfather's notebook. What a wonderful gift to his family, and what a wonderful gift you are giving by making it available to future generations.


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