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Monday, July 07, 2008

We are such stuff as dreams are made on...... (Tempest Act IV, Sc I)

Tempest: Knit in Yarn Yard Bonny, Colours Bushcraft and Mossy Logs, on US7 Boyes (Yep should have been 6's !!!! *rolls eyes*) 2nd Size. Knitted the hem on the way up instead of picking it up later, and if I made it again I wouldn't slip the stitches on the edges cos it makes for holey seaming and picking up for the bands. It still needs buttons but I knew if i didn't photograph it soon then it wouldn't get done!!

I absolutely love it, the colour is great, it's quick to knit, easy to keep track of as all the shaping is done at the beginning of a stripe, and the sock yarn knit on bigger needles gives a really lovely fabric. I don't normally make things twice - but I could make an exception here!

I'd like to say one more very special thanks to Terri who swapped the Mossy Logs and made it extra special colourwise!

So, I wonder if Lewis Hamilton was such stuff that dreams are made on this weekend. I wonder if somewhere a little boy watched that race and dreams of doing that when he grows up. Just as Hamilton did himself when he used to watch Senna......... It was a really great race, and did show Lewis for the talent he has, and good old Barichello getting 3rd - what a great result for him and Honda (I have a feeling Mr Brawn may do some good things with that team!!!)

I daresay the tennis produced some dreams too (maybe just of the game actually finishing!) but I'm not really into tennis so I'll leave that there!!

And the Tour de France has started too..... I can't begin to understand it, but whilst trying to avoid the tennis this weekend I did watch the first two days' highlights, compelling stuff!

So, it's Monday and work beckons. I've also decided to start trading again. It took a back seat when I had to take on some more part time work, but now that I have a good routine with that I feel I have some time to get back into trading. Plus the markets are doing a little more of what is expected now!!! I'm going back to trading the Dow Jones, which was always my preference. I'll spend a bit of time re-aquainting myself with the charts and getting back in the swing of it, and then we'll see what happens.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Really love your Tempest! I am very tempted to make one with some of my YY sock yarn now :-)

  2. Tempest looks fantastic!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!! It looks absolutely Fabulous on you too :)

  4. Thats fab Noo! It looks great on you and the colours are just right.

  5. First the jacket looks wonderfull...and now to lewis!!! That man is solely responsible that i never got my Socks started when i wanted to!!! Was going to cast on just after race start and i was so gripped and in fear of him loosing his place that all i could do is stare at the screen and count the laps and begging him to hang in there and not to make a mistake or anything!!! So no Socks because of the wonderful LH

  6. Oh love your Tempest and such fab colours,looks really good on you too.
    Trading the Dow Jones ,wow and here's me worrying about Etsy !! LOL Good luck

  7. Tempest looks great -better than the ones that pass for weather in these parts!!! I could be tempted!

  8. Tempest looks wonderful. I loved the Bushcraft I used last year, and the colours you've used together look great.

    You and I will have to agree to disagree regarding tennis - mind you I probably feel the same way about F1 ;-)

  9. Lovely cardi - very flattering silhouette!

  10. You are so good, knitting lovely things. My needles have been empty for weeks, I am broke and only have some sock wool but sadly no sock pattern that inspires me! How sad am I!!!!!!

  11. Ooh that's gorgeous! Lovely colours and such a nice shape too.

  12. Really lovely, I had vowed never again to knit a cardi for myself following recent disasters, but seeing this I'm seriously tempted.


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