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Friday, July 02, 2010

Jewel in the Crown

This is Jewel (Ravelry Link) by Doris Chan   (blog link!).  Fantastic pattern and the first quite complex crochet pattern I have followed.  It's crocheted top down with raglan sleeves. i had a bit of trouble to start with as I was over complicating the pattern, but once I understood the way it was written I was well away.

This won't be the only pattern I make from this book!


  1. Anonymous6:36 pm

    that's so lovely Noo, really suits you and so well crocheted. xx M

  2. Im impressed now!!! I normaly don't like the loook of crochet but that looks lovely

  3. It's lovely! I've got to have that book!

  4. jaydee673:48 pm

    That is lovely! It seems to drape well unlike some crochet which can be a bit stiff! I like!


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