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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finally Finished Objects!

Just a few photos a recent F.O.'s

Firstly, my sleeveless, non-apolcalypse hoodie!! - Which has finished nothing like the pattern, but I am happy with it, and have already started the pattern again, for a more wintry knit in more of the manner it was written!!! This is made in Colinette Isis in colourway Dusk. To be honest Isis is a pig to knit - it has no give whatsoever, and is impossible to count guage with as you cannot see the stitches (Consequently this is a bit bigger than I would have chosen, but it's comfy!). Having said that, when knitted it is like the softest, softest, towelling you will ever feel, really scrummy and cuddly! - I think every woman should have a jumper in this for those days when they're feeling "female!" - It'd make you feel better just to be all cuddled up in this!! - I didn't bother with the two rows from each skein nonsense, 'cos frankly I'm more of a botch it merchant, and I would have been quite happy with colour blocking. As it happens I don't think I really got any anyway! I was going to crop down the photo, so it didn't show too much of my very untidy conservatory, but as most of my readers are crafters, you will understand the mess, as we have so much going on at one time eh? - There is even a little bit of work on the table!!!!!! If you click the photo to get it at it's full size you will get a better idea of the colours, which I have to say are truly stunning. (You will also see the mess in all its glory!)

This is the DROPS top I made with some linen and cotton I got off eBay for a bargain price! - It's way shorter than the pattern, (or I'm taller??? - which I doubt!) and it has been blocked, but I didn't realise how short it was when I blocked it, so may try again - but it turns out it looks really nice over a vest top, or one of those hippie cheesecloth shirts that I am often to be found in during the summer! (Notice my crafting skills haven't included repairing the rip in my jeans!!)

And here it is from the side, to show the crochet non-seam!!

There are no photos of the ribbon top - because a) I forgot!, and b) I haven't quite decided if I like it yet, - it may yet be frogged and turned into something else - a handsome prince maybe??!


  1. Both tops look wonderfull and I love the Drps design....and you have aspinning wheel!! Not fair

  2. They both look really great - and I'm jealous of the spinning wheel too!

  3. I love them both, especially the Drops top. Might think about making that for myself (not that I have your figure :p).

  4. Your tops are lovely, the hoodie looks great without the arms. And I am very jealous of your conservatory!

  5. Love the colours of the hoodie top. Very nice. I'm yet to tackle an actual garment - not brave enough just yet!


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