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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am so lucky!

I have bee totally spoilt by my lovely secret summer santa, who just happened to be Helen. As it happens Helen has been reading my blog for a while, so she knows I love jaffa cakes!!! The toher items are Hipknits Silk (oooh it's so lovely I keep touching it!) and Lornas Shepherd sock yarn - so more scrummy socks for me! The pre-carded alpaca fibre will become something quite soon I think, I need to test my natural dyes on some fleece I have, which will never be carded into anything as I'm fed up with it - but will do nicely for a dye test-run! But as soon as the weather breaks just a little then I will be spinning that, it feels soft like a cloud!

The stuff has finally arrived for my spoilee, not sure if they're going to like it, but here's hoping!!

Right, the home-made bread is just about to "ping" and tell me it's ready, and OH is on his way, so it must be time for lunch!!!!


  1. I am very pleased that you like your presents. I was quite surprised when I got you as my spoilee! and had lots of fun picking out gifts for you :)

  2. Lovely Yummy stuff lucky you!! I am telling you right now the Alpaca is sooooo soft and lovely you'll want to stroke it all the time more like silk then silk!!!

  3. Reading in from the other side of the world is sometimes like eavesdropping on I a cybervoyeur?
    Reading about wool has brought back memeories of carding wool in the australian sun...crawling around the bush collecting lichens and gum leaves for dyeing...and the peace of sitting in the sun spinning...ahhhhh
    Good to hear that you all got together with the family...give your dad a nudge as I am waiting for a reply after the trip to Africa...
    Continue to spoil each other...maybe Spot is jealous which is why she played up...could she have her own blog eh!
    Loys of love and jealous of the warm weather...ummmm

  4. Anonymous10:13 am

    the thing in the back looks like a big uncooked haggis!!!!!


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